My Diary – 10-28-14

In the spirit of blogging every day, here I go. Yesterday was a decent day for me. I drank a few too many Brewskies (beers) so when I woke up on Monday i didn’t have the get up and go that I normally have. That was a real bummer. I have become used to getting things done. I’ll use the last second lost by my Falcons as an excuse for over indulging.

Today will be all about taking care of my Son, he has a dental appointment this afternoon, so I will have to take him out of school and make sure he is OK. We are really close so I enjoy taking care of this dude.

This blog at the end of the day will reflect my interest in life, which is in a nutshell MUSIC. I plan of putting out a Album within the next 12 months. In order to put out an Album you have to do the things necessary to put the Album together. This blog will outline that process. Since I am doing it all myself it will be interesting project. I hope to do 3 Albums. This is the number one item on my Bucket List.

I’ll keep updating this blog and at some point it will all come together.

Veston 🙂

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