Beat Street 1984

An upbeat, lets-put-on-a-show musical about the wonders of hip-hop music and culture that tells the story of Kenny, a young hip-hop artist living in the rough slums of the Bronx with his younger brother Lee and their mother Cora. Kenny dreams of making it big as a disc jockey and playing in the most swank of Manhattan nightclubs, the Roxy. Into their lives comes Tracy, a composer and assistant choreographer from the City College of New York

Mylah singing Honesty

Damn this Sista can Sing, I’ll update you more on her in time, I’m getting used to posting every day. I want to turn yall on to the hottest voices and funkiest artist out there. If you check out the award shows every year it’s the same folks, every damn year. I know Beyonce and Rihanna are good, but I believe there are lot more folks out there with mad talent, that we need to discover.
Here is Mylah 🙂


Calvin Richardson “Woman’s Got To Have It”

I stumbled across this version of Bobby Womack “Woman’s Got To Have It” a few years ago and loved it. Bobby Womack is a very hard singer to imitate and Calvin Richardson does a great job of reproducing the spirit of the song. I’ll post more Calvin Richardson in the near future so we can see what this Kat is all about. 🙂

Heston the Soul Man

Sometimes you just don’t understand why an artist isn’t bigger than what they are. That is how I feel about Heston. I have been aware of him since the early 2000 and he has only got better with time. A few days ago I was having a few beers so I decided to Google my man and see what the hell he was up to. That is when I came across the video below. The song is titled “Resign to U” it’s hot. We live in a world with processed music coming from people who can’t play anything, so it is refreshing to hear a true artist. 🙂

Support the brother, his latest album is Love Junkie