The Taylor 522 and Dennis Wakeman

My current acoustic guitar is a Taylor 214ce, I love the guitar, it’s the best guitar I have ever had, but it just isn’t quite right. Not as solid as a Taylor should be. My guitar teacher won’t call it a lemon, but it’s not right. 🙁

Having said that I was looking to get a new guitar, so I’m looking at the Taylor 522 on the internet and I run across a guy named Dennis Wakeman who is auditioning the guitar. He is playing the song “on the sunny side of the street” which was composed in 1930 by Jimmy McHugh with lyrics by Dorothy Fields. I really liked his chord progressions. I said to myself I need to learn this song and play it just like Dennis. Here is the song 🙂

Edwin Williams performs Chill With Me

New Music from my buddy Edwin Williams from his soon to be released album ELECTRIC JAZZ MUSICIAN.
Edwin currently hails from Atlanta, he founded Groove Cafe ATL, which is a monthly jazz, inter-generational performing arts series featuring Atlanta area jazz musicians, singers and various performing artists.

On a personal note, dude is very knowledgeable about the music business and keeps me schooled on damn near any subject that deals with music or the business of music.