Dear Diary – 11-03-14 Soundcloud

It took me most of yesterday to figure out how to post SoundCloud songs in post, so that was a lot of fun. I eneded up using the plugin provided by SoundCloud. There was another plugin called SoundCloud is Gold, but I couldn’t get it to work. I think I gave up too soon.

Sara Devine (the greatest undiscovered female vocalist ever) and my good buddy Edwin Williams both have great cuts on SoundCloud that I want to post up, so I had to figure it out.

My Diary 10-29-14 New Talent

A big part of what I want to do is introduce new talent to the world. I am well aware that Hiop Hop is king in the music world these days. That’s why we need someone to introduce the people in music who play live music and sing. These individuals are greatly unrepresented. At one point in my life I was plugged into the underground Soul scene here in Atlanta and I was surprised at all of the talented people out here in need to exposure. I don’t see it getting any better any time soon for these Artist. The radio stations seem to be 100% dedicated to the least talented. Hopefully wee can be another outlet for serious musicians, singers and music makers in general. 🙂

Yesterday was a good day in that I lived through another day, but at some point in the day I caught a tooth ache that was straight up kicking my ass 🙁 I think it happened when I flossed my teeth and went a little to far into the gum line, maybe hit a few nerves. I was like damn this hurts like hell, but no matter how much pain I’m in I still have to cook my boy something to eat. To my great surprise my son came to me and said “Dad hang in there you will be alright”, he then proceeded to fix himself something to eat on his own. Shocked the shit out of me, usually he doesn’t give a damn how I’m doing, just want to know if his food is ready. My boy is growing up. 🙂

Atlanta Vs Detroit 10-26-14

My Falcons are about to do battle with the Detroit Lions in London, Let’s go Falcons.  😎
I really don’t know what’s going on with my team, all I can do is pull hard for their success. If we don’t turn it around in a hurry it looks like we will have a new Coach and General Manager next year. As a long time fan I really don’t want to see that much change, but we have a great owner in Arthur Blank so I’ll put my trust in him.  😐

Michael Sam Cut From Cowboys Screws Self :-(

I believe Michael Sam was/is good enough to play in the NFL. His problem was he was  more interested in being a gay martyr than a NFL player. Worst case scenario he would have been selected in the 3rd or 4th round if he didn’t come out as gay. Dude lost at least a million dollars all for the gay cause, now he looks and probably feels like a fool.

The NFL set his ass up perfectly. They had the team in his home town (college) draft him, they already had a built in excuse that it would probably be hard for him to make the team since St. Louis was loaded at his position. True to the script they let his ass go. To seal his fate the NFL had the Dallas Cowboys put him on their roster. Seven weeks after the season begins Sam is dropped and his exit from the NFL barely makes the news. Mission Accomplished!

The eating cake off his buddies face was probably the bullet he put in his own back before he even got a chance to show his skills on the field. The NFL is a conservative organization. If you are going to come in and make changes, you have to do so gradually. You can’t burst on the scene like Vince McMahon saying fuck the rules, change has to be slow.

Damn Fool 🙁

Welcome to my New Blog

This is my first post on 🙂
This blog will chronicle my life from this point forward.All of my post will only deal with what I like.
A short list of what I like:

  1. Soul Music
  2. Beautiful Females
  3. Politics
  4. Old Movies and Television
  5. Comedy
  6. Blues Music
  7. Big Band Music

My blog will be family friendly, but we will have fun 🙂