How about some Ghetto Teriyaki Chicken

I’m just a older Kat trying to raise a young son and the biggest problem I’ve almost from the beginning was coming up with quick meals that were cheap and tasty, with healthy not always being at the forefront. I’m always scouring the internet cooking websites for recipes, and I came across and tried the “Ghetto Teriyaki Chicken” from the PhillyboyJayCooKiNgShow Youtube Channel. PBJ has 2 channels and what I like about his recipes is most of the ingredients are stuff that you have right in your kitchen already. He is in the process of updating his channels so he may go more upscale, but for now he has a good thing going, for me.

Just a note, I was preparing my chicken thighs just as instructed in the video, seasoning both sides of the chicken thighs and cooking on each side for 6-7 minutes. So I tested the meat before adding the Teriyaki and Honey and damn the meat was already tasty. So BAM now I have another way of making Chicken Thighs, just add some vegetables and I have a meal. 🙂