Working on woocommerce, not going well

I’m having a problem getting this shopping cart to work. I want to offer some items on this website as well as my Rnation website. I couldn’t get anything done on he Rnation website, I kept getting errors. I’m having a little more luck on this website, but I can tell it’s going to take a lot of work.

Press on I must 🙂

Good Day Today

I had a good day today, I got back on track with my no coffee ban. I quit earlier this year but fell off the wagon. When I fell off the wagon everything else went to hell. I can’t stand being dependent on anything, so even though coffee is not a hard drug “I’m Hooked” 🙁

Welcome Back Veston

I have mentally been out of the loop for a minute, I hope I’m back now. I continue to practice on my guitar. I need more work on my discipline. I need to do a better job of managing my time. I have to jump start my exercise routine.

This blog was a good tool for me as far as keeping me on track. I hope to get back to posting on a daily basis.

Time to get started Again

OK now that football season is over, it’s now time to refocus on getting my music grind back on, and getting my business ideas in motion. During the run up to the Super Bowl I was living and eating clean for the past 2 week. The goal was to get healthy so I could have one day of massive abuse to my body. What I learned in those 2 weeks is my body sure as hell liked being free of Alcohol and bad food. I was feeling better and looking better. What surprised me most of all was my voice was getting better. I was starting to hit notes I haven’t hit in years. In a nut shell I just like that VP. 🙂


New England Patriots Win 34-28

The game is over and we lost. What a great ride. I still feel like we were the better team, but the score says that New England Patriots are the best in the NFL We had or chances and we failed to capitalize, we just made some bad strategic decisions. But once it’s over it’s over. I feel real good about our organization, we have a great owner in Arthur Blank and a great Head Coach in Dan Quinn. Hopefully we will get back to the Super Bowl before I go to the upper room, and next time we need to win.

One positive thing that came out of our Super Bowl appearance, it marks the first time my son Veston III watched a game with his Old Man, and he didn’t leave until the very end, surprised the hell out of me.

Lastly I need to thank our local sports channel 92.9 the game for being there for a lot of us who were still waking up with a Pistol in our Mouf. They let a lot of us know we were not alone. It was a devastating loss.

Superbowl Tomorrow

As an old Atlanta Falcons fan and Atlanta Resident, I’m very anxious about the game tomorrow. I’m ready to get started. I am also ready to deal with the result and kick start the rest of this year. You have to understand, in the history of Modern sports in Atlanta we have only had one Championship on a professional level. That was the Championship the Atlanta Braves won in 1995. What a glorious time. I still remember getting a call from my buddy Ivan, we laughed like hell, what an exciting time. Now here we are today with an opportunity of a lifetime. I wish us well. Yes I said US. Atlanta is US

The Super Bowl Weekend Begins

Well this is it, 2 more days and the game is here. I’ve spent the past few days trying to decide if I wanted to go healthy or do the regular BBQ pig out routine. It looks like tradition won out, so I’m going to dine out on bad food and beer. Then I’ll make a promise to myself that I won’t do it again. This will be the first day of a new beginning that will have me doing what’s right to change my direction in life. Sounds like a plan, yeah sounds like a plan.

A few minutes ago I just got back from buying my supplies so now it’s on

I honestly have no idea how we are going to do in this game. Being a Falcon Fan since their inception, I hope for the best and sometimes expect the worst. I feel like we have the better team, but in my mind our history is hard to over come, but I want so badly to be surprised.   Go Falcons

February Already

Damn it’s February already, seems like only yesterday I was welcoming in the new year. I must admit things are going well. My house and life are still a wreck, but working my personal blog is keeping me on track better than normal. It seems that I always have a to do list that never gets done, but here lately I’m starting to slowly get this life under control.


Guitar Compressors

As I said in an early post I was looking at guitar compressors pedals and from doing a quick search it seems that the Dunlop Dyna Comp and the Boss CS-3 Compressors are among the top pedals available, so I have a picture of both listed below. My initial question was what was best for recording into a DAW and I concluded it was best to bring a raw signal into Cubase (my DAW ) then compress it from there. When I get ready for a pedal, I’ll probably go with the Dunlap, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. 🙂

How about some Ghetto Teriyaki Chicken

I’m just a older Kat trying to raise a young son and the biggest problem I’ve almost from the beginning was coming up with quick meals that were cheap and tasty, with healthy not always being at the forefront. I’m always scouring the internet cooking websites for recipes, and I came across and tried the “Ghetto Teriyaki Chicken” from the PhillyboyJayCooKiNgShow Youtube Channel. PBJ has 2 channels and what I like about his recipes is most of the ingredients are stuff that you have right in your kitchen already. He is in the process of updating his channels so he may go more upscale, but for now he has a good thing going, for me.

Just a note, I was preparing my chicken thighs just as instructed in the video, seasoning both sides of the chicken thighs and cooking on each side for 6-7 minutes. So I tested the meat before adding the Teriyaki and Honey and damn the meat was already tasty. So BAM now I have another way of making Chicken Thighs, just add some vegetables and I have a meal. 🙂