New England Patriots Win 34-28

The game is over and we lost. What a great ride. I still feel like we were the better team, but the score says that New England Patriots are the best in the NFL We had or chances and we failed to capitalize, we just made some bad strategic decisions. But once it’s over it’s over. I feel real good about our organization, we have a great owner in Arthur Blank and a great Head Coach in Dan Quinn. Hopefully we will get back to the Super Bowl before I go to the upper room, and next time we need to win.

One positive thing that came out of our Super Bowl appearance, it marks the first time my son Veston III watched a game with his Old Man, and he didn’t leave until the very end, surprised the hell out of me.

Lastly I need to thank our local sports channel 92.9 the game for being there for a lot of us who were still waking up with a Pistol in our Mouf. They let a lot of us know we were not alone. It was a devastating loss.

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