R.I.P. Brownstone singer Charmayne Maxwell

Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell, a member of the ’90s girl group Brownstone, died this past Saturday, Feb. 28, her brother Brandon Maxwell confirmed via Twitter. She was 46. It is being reported that she suffered a fatal fall. There are conflicting reports on the nature of the fall, but according to sources no foul play is was involved.

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R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

R.I.P. to Leonard Nimoy known to most of us as Mr. Spock. He went home to glory February 27, 2015. He was 83 years old. If you live 83 year that is a good life, but we still morn the lost of this great actor. He is so embedded in my life. I became a Star Trek fan at the tender age of 9. I have enjoyed the entire ride. I was so excited when they did the Star Trek reboot in 2009 and even glad-er (I know that’s not a word) when Spock was part of the movie.
When you have made such a contribution to the arts you never really die, you live on forever. To one of my favorite actors I say “Travel Well”

Bobby Womack – March 4, 1944 – June 27, 2014

Bobby Womack was one of the greatest to ever do it. When he went to glory on June 27, 2014, I was truly a sad camper. Womacks signature songs, That’s The Way I Feel About Cha”, “If You Think You’re Lonely Now”, “Harry Hippie” and “Across 110th Street”  were the anthems of my teen age and early adult years. Back then singers were really singers, you could feel the power of their voice in every note and phrase.

Bobby Womack you will always be remembered and will live forever in song.

Matthew Koma – One Night

Never heard of this guy in my entire life until I did a search for the sound track to the Cadillac Commercial listed in the post below, and because betablock3r did a remix of his song One Night, it was a SoundCloud suggested listen, so I listened and I really liked it. I included a link to Matthew Koma’s wiki page. The One Night video is listed below.

Matthew Koma Wiki


Michael Sam Cut From Cowboys Screws Self :-(

I believe Michael Sam was/is good enough to play in the NFL. His problem was he was  more interested in being a gay martyr than a NFL player. Worst case scenario he would have been selected in the 3rd or 4th round if he didn’t come out as gay. Dude lost at least a million dollars all for the gay cause, now he looks and probably feels like a fool.

The NFL set his ass up perfectly. They had the team in his home town (college) draft him, they already had a built in excuse that it would probably be hard for him to make the team since St. Louis was loaded at his position. True to the script they let his ass go. To seal his fate the NFL had the Dallas Cowboys put him on their roster. Seven weeks after the season begins Sam is dropped and his exit from the NFL barely makes the news. Mission Accomplished!

The eating cake off his buddies face was probably the bullet he put in his own back before he even got a chance to show his skills on the field. The NFL is a conservative organization. If you are going to come in and make changes, you have to do so gradually. You can’t burst on the scene like Vince McMahon saying fuck the rules, change has to be slow.

Damn Fool 🙁