Dear Diary

Today I’m adding a section called DEAR DIARY. This is my way of commenting on my blog every day. We all know that the hardest thing to do when you create a blog is posting daily. Especially when you have no audience and no one is reading what you post. If you are lucky you will get traffic in time, if not hopefully you have a niche that makes you happy and helps you maintain interest. What I plan on doing is commenting on my quest to Learn to Play Guitar, start eating healthy, exercise on a daily basis, lose weight, learn all of the software packages necessary to record some songs I’m working on and finally to be a decent person.

Today I did get out and do some walking, I managed to walk for 60 minutes. It was 60 minutes of hell but I can’t complain. I really miss running, but since I messed up my knees that long time hobby and habit is no longer an option for me. I did practice my Guitar today, so that is always positive

Thanks 🙂

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