“I’m on Fire (Body Song),” The Temptations 1976

I’m here to tell you I love this song. I remember listening to it when I was a kid. It didn’t come out when the Temptation had their hell of a run, It came out in 1976 on the “The Temptations Do The Temptations” album. TheΒ  “The Temptations Do The Temptations” album was the final release the group had on their original Motown tenure.


Lina – Soul Singer

Any Blog I’m involved in will have to have songs from my favorite artist. Lina is one of my favorites. I first heard her while watching the credits for the movie “High Crimes” with Morgan Freeman. The song was “I’m Not The Enemy”. I have been in love with this chick every since.Β  😎


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Welcome to my New Blog

This is my first post on Vestonphifer.com πŸ™‚
This blog will chronicle my life from this point forward.All of my post will only deal with what I like.
A short list of what I like:

  1. Soul Music
  2. Beautiful Females
  3. Politics
  4. Old Movies and Television
  5. Comedy
  6. Blues Music
  7. Big Band Music

My blog will be family friendly, but we will have fun πŸ™‚