Thursday Already, Time to Work

Damn it’s Thursday already and I’m just getting back to full strength. Today is all about getting back on schedule and re-starting the learning process. In the next 3-4 days I want to start the process of learning how to program my drums. I use EZdrummer2. I’ve messed around with it a few times, but now I want to go more in depth and then start the process of learning the nuances of the program.

I write all of my songs on guitar. All of my songs start off with a cool melody, I try to incorporate at least 2 changes and then go out with a bang. When I get ready to lay down tracks the first thing I do is lay down the drum track. Once part of the drum track is laid down I can start adding the keyboard and guitar parts, then keepĀ  working until the song is finished. The first couple of songs I do will be all about figuring out what the hell I’m doing, as my knowledge grows it will become second nature.

Back in the old days I used a drum machine. The last one I owned was a Kawai R-100. I purchased it when I was station in Italy around 1986-88. I loved it but the technology today is so much better. I still own my Kawai R-100, I may fire it up if I feel like getting nostalgic.



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