Guitar Compressors

As I said in an early post I was looking at guitar compressors pedals and from doing a quick search it seems that the Dunlop Dyna Comp and the Boss CS-3 Compressors are among the top pedals available, so I have a picture of both listed below. My initial question was what was best for recording into a DAW and I concluded it was best to bring a raw signal into Cubase (my DAW ) then compress it from there. When I get ready for a pedal, I’ll probably go with the Dunlap, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. 🙂

Eight Bud Lights and a Mini Bottle of Hennessy

OK this is Super Bowl week, 7 days to go. I intend to get semi inebriated, also known as drunk. 🙁
That means I am going to exercise at least 5 of the next 7 days in preparation of what this will do to my body.
This is not the 80’s when I could get plastered and get up the next day like nothing happened. I’m going to be fucked messed up for at least 3 days following the Super Bowl, WIN or Lose.

Plus I’m going to fire up a Slab of Ribs, Chicken wings and maybe some link sausages. Everything I need to take at least a few days off my life. So if my last day was going to be on a Friday, I might meet my maker on a Wednesday. DAMN